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"Before you have your house remodeled, find out whether asbestos materials are present" - U.S. EPA

Situation #1: You've hired a contractor to remodel your bathroom and it involves installing a new exhaust fan. Your contractor takes his drywall knife and cuts out the ceiling square for the new fan. He pulls down the piece of drywall, and about a 5 gallon bucket load of Asbestos-Containing vermiculite attic insulation comes down with it. Now what?

Situation #2: Your contractor is taking out your kitchen floor and installing a new one. He rips out the old linoleum and puts it in his truck to take back to the shop to dispose of it. Your friend comes by during the install and tells you that he thinks the floor they just ripped out of your kitchen has asbestos in it. You take a sample to the lab, and sure enough, it comes back "hot", containing 20% asbestos. Now what?

Situation #3: The temperature starts to drop and it's time to crank up the heat after a long summer. You go to bed at night, and wake up cold. Your heating system is out. The repair man says your entire heating system needs to be replaced. Three workers are in the basement dismantling your heating system. Parts are everywhere. The superintendant shows up while you are checking on the workers. He proceeds to tell you how nice it is to have workers that don't care about the asbestos insulation covering your entire dismantled heating system! Now what?

So who is "liable" in these cases (which actually happened to three of our customers)? All three situations caused a major fiber release in someone's home! Are you liable for not getting the materials tested? Should the contractor have assumed that there might be some asbestos disturbed during the renovation process? In all three situations you and the contractors were exposed to asbestos fibers, regardless of whose fault it was. So who pays for the testing to assess the level of contamination? Who pays for the clean up? Can you afford to pay for either expense? Should you? What about the fibers that were disturbed in your home? Where are they now?

What a nightmare! These were very sticky situations that could have easily been avoided. Call Great Environmental before you start a remodeling or renovation project. Whether you are the home owner or the contractor, you owe it to each other to make sure your project and your families are safe.

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Asbestos Removal and Mold Remediation Asbestos Removal Inspection What is Asbestos Where is Asbestos Contact Great Environmental
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