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Jerry Hall   |   Oct 28, 2021


Attic Mold, Discoloration and Staining

Mold testing near me – Great Environmental serving the greater Shorewood area

When was the last time you were in your attic? If you are like most people, it’s been a long time, and perhaps never! Unfortunately, the next guy that goes into your attic is the buyer’s Home Inspector, and he notices a “mold headache” that you never knew existed!

Now what? Is the buyer going to walk because they heard the “M” word? Will your house ever sell with a “mold-like substance” in the attic? Can you get your investment back if you take care of the problem now? Should you just remove the mold, or are you liable to fix the source of the problem? How much is that going to cost me?

These are great questions, and we have a GREAT solution!

Let our team of experts find the best and most cost-effective solution for your current situation. From mold remediation to complete solutions to fix the source of the problem, we can service all your needs. Call now, and put an end to your attic mold headache!



For our customers looking for a Complete Solution to address the source of the problem, we offer the following options:


Existing R19 Insulation (6″ Deep)


Insulation upgrade to R38 (12″ Deep


Existing soffits Clogged with Insulation


Baffles installed to increase ventilation


Existing bath fans exhausting in attic


Bath Fan(s) exhausted through Roof


Inadequate vent system for air egress


Install Attic fan with Thermostat and Humidistat (and manual OFF override switch)


Jerry Hall   |   Oct 28, 2021

Mold in the Living Areas 

Attic Mold, Discoloration and Staining

Any mold issue is a result of moisture. Even with our best efforts and diligent maintenance, moisture can still enter your home. Hidden foundation cracks, prolonged pipe drips or water leaks, faulty toilet and shower seals, high humidity, etc. The list goes on, all the way through failed sump pumps and broken pipes. The problem is that in some cases, by the time we actually see some signs of moisture, mold has already multiplied and grown.

Our four-step process is very simple:

  1. Verify there is a mold issue (either through a visual inspection and/or a mold air test)

  2. Identify the “source” of the moisture or condensation that caused the mold.

  3. Fix the source.

  4. Remediate the mold and ensure it will not develop again in the future.

We offer full-service replacement options as well, where you can decide how it will look when the project is completed.
With GREAT, we make sure that you are never spending extra money that you don’t have to spend!

With this home below, we had some suspicions regarding moisture in the basement. Since there were visible signs of previous moisture, the owner decided he’d rather have us cut out a small piece of drywall versus investing in an air test. The back of the drywall revealed a hidden mold issue. The area was contained, and the drywall and insulation were removed, uncovering several hidden cracks in the foundation. The cracks were filled, the area sanitized and sealed, the drywall was replaced, taped and painted, and the mold issue was solved. Another grateful and happy customer!


1. Visible Suspect Water Damage


Negative Pressure containment to isolate mold spores.


3. Area Containment established.


2. Mold found behind drywall


5. Drywall removed, area sanitized and cleaned of mold contamination.


6. Hidden cracks sealed to stop moisture sources.


8. Walls painted and project completed.


7. Drywall replaced and taped.

Inspections and Testing Services

Don’t be mislead. Mold is EVERYWHERE. So, we begin with the fact that there is mold! The question we need an answer to is “Are the levels of mold Elevated?”

Mold testing helps us determine if there is a mold “issue”, not just the presence of mold. By collecting air samples and having them analyzed by an independent laboratory, we can learn the type of mold(s) that are present, the levels that were found, and the likelihood that the spores were developed inside the structure versus mold spores that just came in with the outside air. We can find if there are any “marker spores” that are strong indicators that the mold present is originating from an inside source. This is key information when putting together an action plan to eliminate the source of the problem. Without this step, our customers would end up spending large amounts of money only to have the problem return. We are not interested in repeat business. We want your referrals!

In this world of home buying and selling, there are many variables to consider.

What do I really know about the history of this home?

Has there ever been any moisture or mold issues? What are the signs?

What do I really know about the history of this home?

How can I make sure that this beautiful home is not just a “mold headache” in disguise?

Is the “mold-like substance” in the attic affecting the living area?

Will the buyer’s home inspector flag a potential “mold issue” during his inspection?

There is some discoloration in an area of the structure, but is it mold? Is it the “bad” mold?

My closing is tomorrow! Is it too late to get a mold test done?

Mold testing near me – Great Environmental serving the greater Shorewood area

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